Project Description

Loading Dock Leveler(HLSH)

The electric hydraulic dock leveler uses the hydraulic power unit to lift the main board surface of the dock through the main oil cylinder, the board is pushed out by the board cylinder, and the weight of the board is lowered through the dock leveler, and the board is put on the tail of the car. After the whole movement is completed, the fork car or manual car can load and unload goods freely.dock leveler is the most widely used unloading platform, stable and durable performance, simple operation, not only low maintenance rate, maintenance is also extremely simple.

loading dock leveler

Loading Dock Leveler For Sale

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Direction For Use

Press the button of the Electric cabinet on the side of the ramp (or rotate pump release value handle counter-clockwise ) and let yard ramp settle slowly to its lowest position. Leave pump release valve open while yard ramp is being towed to prevent damage to the hydraulic system. Towing speed will be governed by prevailing conditions but should not be such as to cause severs jostling. Towing speeds should not exceed 10 MPH.Off Road towing must be accompanied with appropriate suspension option. The ramp clamp is intended for short towing distances. -Tow bars are intended for longer distances.

Materials specifications


Platform: 8mm antiskid steel checkered plate

latform frame:14# I-Steel 150×10mm flat iron 3mm flat plate

Bottom frame:80×50×5mm steel rectagular tube 100×50×5mm steel rectagular tube 100×63×10mm unequal angle iron

Lip: 16mm steel checkered plate

Side wall: 3mm flat plate

Lifting Cylinder: 1 pcs

Cylinder Barrel: φ85xφ70mm honing tube

Piston-Rod: φ40mm hard chromed

Lip Cylinder: 1 pcs

Barrel: φ63xφ50mm honing tube

Piston-Rod: φ30mm hard chromed

Power Unit: 1.10kW, AC 380V/50Hz, 3-Phase

Seals: DAS 70×50 shaft seals; UN 40×50×6 seals

Laminated bumper: 2pcs; Overall size(l/w/h): 300x200x100mm



1. How long it takes for lead time?

It takes 5-15 business days upon receive of your order.

2. Is customized design acceptable ?

Yes, of course, there are professional engineers help design the most suitable product for you.

3. How about the warranty period ?

Under normally usage, the warranty period is within 12 months.

4. What’s the MOQ of each model ?

1 unit is acceptable and price varies from different quantities.

5. What kind of Payment Term will you support ?

T/T, Western Union, and L/C are all available.

6.Our Services

All the machines would be fully tested before shipment.

The time of warranty will be last for 12 months.

User-friendly instruction in English for machine’s using and maintaining .

Several pieces wearing parts will be provided with free of charge.

24 hours service support on email, telephone and Skype etc.