Project Description


HANMOKE self-standing loading platforms are modular, self–standing structures that help companies sort, transfer, and load products more efficiently. HANMOKE platforms can be configured in varying widths and in multiple units for retail distribution center cross docking, rail dock loading, interior loading, and more. These freestanding loading docks feature pedestrian handrails and stairs, and can integrate high-capacity loading dock levelers and vehicle restraints.


                                               15Ton Self-Standing  Loading Platform In Action

                                                                 Any Size Can Be Customized


Self-Standing loading platform, sometimes referred to as freestanding loading ramps or loading dock platforms, are one of the most popular types of portable loading ramps in The European and American countries. A Self-Standing loading platform is a type of dock ramp that can stand alone by itself, without the need to be supported by another piece of equipment. These types of loading dock platforms are the perfect solution for warehouses, retail distribution centres, forklifts, railcars and more.

The Self-Standing loading platform design and construction of freestanding loading ramps allows them to support a variety of warehouse applications. The dock platform provides plenty of room for loading and unloading in busy warehouse workspaces. At HANMOKE, we construct each self-standing loading dock ramp with the highest safety standards. The serrated steal bar grating, safety chains and 6-inch dock plates ensure that the freestanding ramps provide maximum safety.

Description Of Application Effect

1. The whole bridge is fixed on the ground, which can withstand the impact force of trucks; 2. Anti-skid structural design of grid-shaped steel plate on the surface of the bridge (sawtooth steel grid anti-skid plate is optional), which can strengthen the grinding of forklift wheelsFriction, safe and reliable; 3. The whole bridge body is connected with the container truck, so that the bridge body can achieve the maximum load bearing, the theoretical static load can reach 15 tons, and the dynamic load can reach 10Tons.


Brand Name:HANMOKE
Warranty:1 Year
After-sales Service Provided:Free spare parts
Load capacity:15tons
Certification:CE ISO SGS
Net Weight:4300kg
Lifting height:1200-1750mm