Project Description

(HRFP) Mobile loading Platforms

The absence of a permanent Mobile loading Platforms can result in considerable additional costs when handling products in the loading bay area.  However, these costs can be significantly reduced, or even eliminated, with the installation of a Mobile loading Platforms which, in effect, becomes a loading dock.

Mobile loading Platforms

10 Ton Mobile loading Platforms For Sale

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Mobile loading Platforms Description

The absence of a permanent Mobile loading Platforms can result in considerable additional costs when handling products in the loading bay area.  However, these costs can be significantly reduced, or even eliminated, with the installation of a modular loading platform which, in effect, becomes a loading dock. The advantages of modular loading docks are considerable.  Not only do they improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations but should your company, for whatever reason, choose to move premises, you can take a modular dock with you.  This type of loading and unloading platform is also an asset of your company which can be added onto should you wish to expand your loading dock operations. A modular loading dock platform can consist of just one raised platform, or it can feature numerous platforms joined together, incorporating dock leveller modules, allowing access to vehicles, cat ladders, steps and loading ramps.  Our modular loading docks also carry numerous safety features such as hand rails, safety curbs, bumper supports to keep your employees safe and help prevent loading bay accidents. Included in the modular dock range is the lightweight mobile platform, which is perfect when loading takes place in a variety of different locations, as they can be positioned quickly and easily.  The lightweight mobile platform follows a similar principle to our other modular docks, but is intended to be used on its own as a simple mobile loading platform for lighter applications, such as the hand balling of goods or pallet trucks. If you are unsure of which loading solution is best for your, our dedicated sales team can provide a free survey and quotation ensure that you choose the correct product for your application.

Mobile loading Platforms Details

Many warehouses do not have a dedicated loading bay. In such circumstances, there will either be a doorway with a roller sectional door or external level loading area with nothing to bridge the height differential between trailer and ground. Traditionally, options for turning such an ‘open doorway’ level loading area into a loading bay would have involved either building up a concrete platform to the height of the trailer or, alternatively, digging down to create a recessed loading bay. Both solutions, entail significant disruption and costs in terms of planning and civil engineering. Civil work is also not always a possibility dependant on building ownership and planning permissions. Our solution to this is to provide a bespoke solution consisting of a ramp, platform and a dock leveller. By integrating these items, it is possible to create a semi-permanent solution that fulfils all of the requirements of a dedicated loading bay. In addition the platform can be positioned flush to an entranceway beneath a roller or sectional door. There is no significant difference in terms of performance, reliability or health & safety to a traditional loading bay. The trailer pulls up; the leveller provides the transition to the platform; the forklift truck removes the goods along the platform, down the ramp and into the warehouse.The schemes do not require civil work and are extremely effective, when compared to a traditional loading bay both in installation time, drainage issues and cost. When used in conjunction with insulated doors and shelters they also provide significant operational cost savings and energy savings by minimising the heat transfer between warehouse and outside.The versatility of such a solution means that it can work equally well out in the yard as within a warehouse. The final configuration is dependant only on the customer’s specific preferences, usage and space constraints.

Mobile loading Platforms Options / Accessories

Multiple levelers can be used with one ramp to maximise efficiency of the available area.
Dock seals/shelters to minimise any heat loss and weather ingress.
Roller Shutter or insulated sectional doors
Traffic light systems to reduce the risk of drive-aways.
Dock lights to maximise visibility.
Hinged safety barriers or removable handrails to allow goods to be unloading /loading onto the platform from ground level.
Vehicle wheel locks or safety interlocks can be incorporated to prevent drive aways.
Standard expanded metal decking the ramps to allow rain / debris to pass though. Alternatively solid tread plate decking available
more suited to vehicles with smaller wheels.
Swing or telescopic lip electro hydraulic dock leveler with lip lengths from 400mm to 1000mm
Manual dockboards, or hinged bridgeplates for use when power is not available.
Various styles of access ramps available depending on frequency of use and capacity.
Access steps and ladders
300mm high fork raves to sides
1100mm handrails
Bimagrip antislip grit surface – required for outside use
Operator training courses