From America, Designed By HANMOKE 5.0 Series HVLS;

Professional Design, Efficient Fan Blade-Empennage System, Excellent Application Of Aerodynamics, Smooth Speed Streamlines, More Fit To The Airfoil Surface;

Maximum High Pressure Zone, And Maximum Pressure Energy, And Maximum Air Volume, And Maximum Energy Conversion;


                             24 Ft CE Low Noise Cooling HVLS Large Industrial Factory Cheep Ceiling Fan



The fan could bring the natural wind at 1.2-2.3m/s to the human body and improve the speed of the sweat evaporation and drop the temperature of the human body by 5-7 ℃


Dehumidification & Mould proof

Dehumidification & Mould proof Keep air dry and eliminate bacterial growth Prevent rust and mildew of equipment AnticondensationKeep products, packaging, cartons, trays from moisturing, rust, corruption Prevent rust and mildew of equipment fans generate low-frequency but powerful fan airflow to the surrounding continuously and rapidly, so as to form   a 3.5m airflow layer. The corners, the ground and the distance of large public spaces like warehouse and workshop will no longer be forgotten, the operating environment is improved significantly.


Remove the cooling and heat stratification

In winter, heat (70-80%) gathered in the roof, and the workers on ground can not feel the obvious rise in temperature. In order to rise the ground temperature, we can only increase the heating temperature, so as to waste a lot of energy;

Provides 0.2m/s breeze, using the principle of negative pressure above the fan, the hot air gather on the roof will be slowly pushed to the ground, so that the indoor air is fully mixed, ground temperature can be immediately improved, employees will feel warm and comfortable. According to the customer experience, more than 30% energy will be saved.


Huge air volume

Blade-Empennage System is 7.36m in diameter, generate a low-frequency but powerful airflow at 14160m³/min driven by 1.5kW High Efficiency Motors.

Generate a low-frequency but powerful fan airflow at 14160m³/min, and continuously spread rapidly to the surrounding, so as to form a 3.5m airflow layer. The air in the large space is regularly circulated, covering an area over 1700m².


Ultra-low energy consumption

The corners, the ground and the distance of large public spaces like warehouse and workshop will no longer be forgotten by industrial cooling and ventilation. Our fan can significantly improve the overall operating environment;Situation: A warehouse or a workshop of 17000m²,full covered, 12,000h run time


Safety Measures

•fasteners:all fasteners are made of high strength bolts the actual stress of industry, more than 10 times;

•wire teaction:the stress intensity of each wire cable reches 1000kg,and each connection point is set up double protection;

•the fan body protective structure:when the accident occurred,a fan of safety to protect, prevent any parts slide;

•fan leaf I safety structure:reconnect all fans and chassis to become an integral structure;

•If the detection is abnormal, the frequency conversion control system will automatically alarm and stop running.


Safety Installation

Our company has an experienced team of electrical , mechanical and architectural engineers , which can analyze the stress of different buildings and provide the most reasonable way of installation . It can be installed for all kinds of buildings with installation conditions. We know the installation standards , our professional technology and high requirements , will eliminate all your doubts.

•installation plan , tail made; •up and down car installation , well equipped

•level , height , balance debugging and experience;  •dynamic balance test and smooth operation;

•fasteners have torque standards to achieve the best fastening;•installation process,concise science;

•through customer needs , we can do the comprehensive test of on-site air volume , wind speed and noise after installation , and issue the test report.


Made of high strength light alloy by 1600T hot forging that ensures the metal fiber to be continuity, streamline integrated, and realizes a good mechanical performance;

Machined by CNC precisely, assembly accuracy is ±10μm, the drive plate will be in good dynamic balance;

Casehardening, corrosion resistance, antioxidant;

Excellent mechanical properties, large density, high hardness, fatigue resistance, ductility, light weight, good thermal cracking resistance;


Made of high strength light alloy after heat treatment by T6, mechanical properties have further improved;

Machined by CNC precisely, assembly accuracy is ±10μm;

Surface carbon paint handling, corrosion resistance, antioxidant;

Excellent mechanical properties, large density, high hardness, fatigue resistance, ductility, light weight,  good thermal cracking resistance;


Best streamline design of the flabellum could decrease the resistance force to the lowest points and transfer the electrical  energy into the energy of motion efficiently;

In a professional workstation, we use ANSYS ICEM and ANSYS CFX to continuous analysis, optimize and test by the means of aerodynamics lift coefficient method;

High strength light alloy with high strength, light-weight, high ductility, corrosion resistance, long life;

Three stiffeners will help to prevent the blades sagging when the fan is not at work and upward when the fan is at work. Thus the fatigue expenditure will be reduced;


Large torque, low noise, long-life;

Reinforced bearing, Trapezoid shaft;

Overall optimization design, three layers of enlarged oil seal;

High precision gear grinding provides greater precision surface;

Assembling with low gear clearance greatly improves the transmission accuracy, thus the fan runs more stable;


Stepless speed regulation by frequency conversion,precise control;

Once the accident occurs the frequency controlling system would automatically alarm and stop the operation in 0.01s.;

 Comprehensive protection function, efficient shielding technology;

 Comprehensive protection function for ground connection, over-temperature, short out, overload, overcurrent, default phase, impact;


 In a professional workstation, we use ANSYS ICEM and ANSYS CFX to continuous analysis, optimize and test by the means of aerodynamics lift coefficient method for the empennage, which eliminates the turbulence and stabilize the operation of the fan;

ABS engineering plastic, primary shaping, high strength, long life, beautiful, no deformation;

Model Diameter Blade number Power Speed Weight Voltage Air volume Cover area
HMLS73 7300mm 10 2.2kw 50RPM 190kg 380-420v/220-240V 16000M³/min 1000㎡
HMLS73 7300mm 10 1.5KW 45RPM 180kg 14800M³/min 900㎡
HMLS73 7300mm 8 1.5KW 50RPM 165kg 14500M³/min 850㎡
HMLS73 7300mm 6 1.5KW 50RPM 150kg 13000M³/min 800㎡
HMLS61 6100mm 8 1.5KW 50RPM 155kg 12500M³/min 780㎡
HMLS61 6100mm 6 1.5KW 50RPM 140kg 11000M³/min 700㎡
HMLS55 5500mm 8 1.5KW 50RPM 150kg 10500M³/min 600㎡
HMLS55 5500mm 6 1.5KW 50RPM 135kg 9000M³/min 550㎡
HMLS49 4900mm 8 1.1kw 72RPM 135kg 8300M³/min 500㎡
HMLS49 4900mm 6 1.1kw 72RPM 125kg 7200M³/min 400㎡
HMLS45 4500mm 8 1.1kw 72RPM 130kg 7000M³/min 300㎡
HMLS45 4500mm 6 1.1kw 72RPM 125kg 6000M³/min 240㎡
HMLS36 3600mm 8 1.1kw 72RPM 130kg 5000M³/min 200㎡
HMLS36 3600mm 6 1.1kw 72RPM 120kg 4000M³/min 150㎡
HMLS30 3000mm 8 1.1kw 72RPM 95kg 3200M³/min 130㎡
HMLS30 3000mm 6 1.1kw 72RPM 85kg 2500M³/min 110㎡
HMLS25 2500mm 8 0.75kw 180RPM 75kg 2500M³/min 100㎡
HMLS25 2500mm 6 0.75kw 180RPM 70kg 2500M³/min 75㎡
HMLS20 2000mm 8 0.75kw 180RPM 70kg 1500M³/min 64㎡
HMLS20 2000mm 6 0.75kw 180RPM 65kg 1200M³/min 48㎡